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“...a film of quiet but decisive radicality...”

The New Yorker on Framing Agnes

“One of the most captivating documentaries I've ever seen...”

Ms. Magazine on Framing Agnes

“An exquisite beauty....”

Film Threat on Framing Agnes

“Meta to the max....”

The Los Angeles Times on Framing Agnes

“A veritable feast....” on Framing Agnes

“...conveys its unnerving scenario with two committed performances, tightly executed suspense and a provocative final shot that leaves much room for interpretation...”

– IndieWire on After The Snow

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“...A tense, unexpectedly moving psychological study of a man's unraveling...”

– LA Weekly on Someone Else



“...a short film sprinkled with magic whose impact and wit leave a lasting impression... (you're) laughing one minute and pondering thought-provoking social issues the next.”

– Cinemacy on Grandma Bruce


“...the acting is first-rate and the cinematography is crisp (even the credits sequence is unexpectedly blue-ribbon)...”

– Gone With The Twins on Grandma Bruce

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“...finds mystery and painful beauty in the unshakeable bonds of family.”

– The Los Angeles Times on Red Without Blue


“...a startlingly intimate documentary... ”

–Seattle Weekly on Red Without Blue

“Half dreamy, half disarmingly blunt, Red Without Blue takes on fascinating depths and textures.”

– The San Francisco Chronicle on Red Without Blue



“...a heart-wrenching emotional ride... only honesty like this can still startle us.”

The Advocate on Red Without Blue


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“In this thoughtful, haunting documentary... the film sympathetically captures the process of a brave family making tentative, loving steps toward acceptance...”

The Seattle Times on Red Without Blue


“...a gorgeous biographical portrait that has an otherworldly emotional wallop...”

Now Magazine on Red Without Blue


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