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“After the Snow conveys its unnerving scenario with two committed performances, tightly executed suspense and a provocative final shot that leaves much room for interpretation... It’s hard not to imagine that the wintry setting and equally chilly demeanor of the characters in “After the Snow” will expand nicely into the feature-length format.”


“(Red Without Blue) finds mystery and painful beauty in the unshakeable bonds of family.”


“This startlingly intimate documentary profiles twin brothers Mark and Alex Farley and their parents... Their relationships are delicate, and their problems painful, but the movie never feels exploitive. There's no premeditated agenda or taking sides. It's just real life as it happens (in Montana, of all places), without fancy editing tricks or lurid confessions.”

“Half dreamy, half disalarmingly blunt, Red Without Blue takes on fascinating depths and textures.”


“Revealing, visually layered, and completely engaging, (Red Without Blue) is also a heart-wrenching emotional ride...After decades of shock filmmaking, only honesty like this can still startle us.”


“In this thoughtful, haunting documentary from Brooke Sebold, Todd Sills and Benita Sills, we're invited into the Farley family... The film sympathetically captures the process of a brave family making tentative, loving steps toward acceptance...”


“The filmmakers' skill and their subjects' candour result in a gorgeous biographical portrait that has an otherworldly emotional wallop reminiscent of Tarnation.”


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