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Current Projects

Year Zero
/original pilot


Based on true future events, Year Zero is a comedic television series partially inspired by the first half hour of Wonder Woman, and partially inspired by the #MeToo movement / the crumbling patriarchy / our current Predator-In-Chief. 

With zero survival skills or money, Brooke and Ruby, two millennial LA besties abandon the patriarchy to build an intersectional utopian society on a private island with NO MEN ALLOWED. Welcome to Year Zero! Are you in?

co-written / brooke sebold & ruby marez   

Planned Parenthood
/mini docs / tv spots


Opponents have tried to define Planned Parenthood through hateful rhetoric, political attacks, and flat-out lies. But we do not let their hate define us. "Stories of Care. No Matter What" gets at the heart of what Planned Parenthood means for so many across the country: care, no matter what.

Screening everywhere from NBC's "Morning Joe," to the backseat of NYC taxicabs, Planned Parenthood credits the series with swaying national support for the organization and helping to save healthcare for 23 million Americans while the Trump administration fought and failed to repeal Obamacare.

written & directed / brooke sebold       

produced / planned parenthood / ib5k



Loosely inspired by my tornado of a life when my ex was in it, Cannibals is a Woody Allen-esque comedy about falling for someone who's both toxic and intoxicating.

Two couples consumed by love, lust and deceit. Cannibals reveals the ways we eat each other alive.


written / brooke sebold       

produced / ari sturm

Gone, June

June is a recovering alcoholic burdened with a pregnancy she does not want. Armed and eight months pregnant, she confronts and kills the man who raped her, only to find herself stranded with his 10-year-old son.


Gone, June is an expansion of the award-winning short, After The Snow. Gone, June was included in both the Berlin Co-Production Market and the Sundance Producer's Summit. Production is scheduled for next winter.


directed / brooke sebold     

written / matthew tyler  

casting / barden/schnee

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